Property Management




Naisoso Island Real Estate and the exclusive Naisoso Island Residences is managed by international management company Naisoso Residential Management Limited (NRM) hailing from Australia. With over 25 years of Resort and Management Rights experience the family-owned consortium are professional and on-site 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The on-site location allows for ease of monitoring tenants and guests and ensures that any dispute, emergency or maintenance issue is handled promptly and professionally. The Residential Management team and owners/managers of Naisoso Island Real Estate, offer a range of services for property owners, tenants or holiday-makers alike including cleaning, linen supply and washing, gardening, as well as boat, car, and home maintenance.

Unlike other real estate agencies in Fiji, Naisoso Island Real Estate remain the property managers throughout the entire tenancy, giving regular inspections and acting as the liaison between owner and tenant.